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DPJ, 38/M, diabetic, s/p amputation of 1st and 2nd toes, with a non-healing, infected post-op wound.

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

The problems for this patient started when he developed a blister on his big toe due to ill-fitting shoes. The blister rapidly enlarged and became infected and spread to the second toe. Due to the worsening of the wound, amputation of the first two toes was done in another institution. However, the infection was not completely eradicated and the surgical wound deteriorated further. Oral antibiotics and traditional wound dressing methods did not help control the infection. Wanting to avoid another operation, the patient came to us for a second opinion.

Ultrasound assisted wound debridement with Prontosan was done during every treatment session. Three to 4 sessions a week were necessary to bring down and control the infection and remove the dead and necrotic tissue in the wound. After 6 weeks, the infection was controlled, necrotic tissue was eradicated, healthy granulation tissue developed, and wound edges were observed to be contracting. Treatment was halted due to the lockdown but with continued treatment with Prontosan at home, the patient managed to achieve wound healing in 4 months.

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