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AD, 68/M, diabetic, with a large, infected, non-healing foot ulcer.

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

This patient came to us with an infected wound wound on the sole of his foot of 6 months duration. The wound made it impossible for him to walk and he got around using a wheelchair. Wound care using povidone-iodine proved to be not effective. He was advised amputation but the patient came to us seeking a second opinion.

Ultrasound assisted debridement with Prontosan was initially done 3 times a week in an effort to control the infection. Once infection was controlled, sessions decreased to twice a week for promotion of granulation tissue. Maintenance sessions continued once a week to help control reinfection that eventually became every two, then every 4 weeks. We managed to heal this wound and help the patient walk again independently in 7 months.

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