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About Hilom Wound Care Clinic

All too often, fingers, toes, and limbs are unnecessarily lost due to inadequate wound care.  This is caused mainly by the unavailability of wound care services that are appropriate, advanced, and affordable. The traditional approach to wound care of prescribing antibiotics and advising patients to clean their wounds with either saline solution, Daikin’s or Thirds solution, or povidone iodine is outdated and ineffective.  More often than not, especially in diabetics, this leads to worsening of their wounds, and unfortunately, the worst cases lead to amputation. More advanced cleansing and wound dressing products are available now in the market that are able to efficiently disinfect wounds and promote healing. However, for all of their effectiveness, they are still out of reach of the poorer segment of wound patients due to their high cost.


Hilom Wound Care Clinic was founded by Dr Charles Cabuquit, an Orthopedic Surgeon, with the mission of providing appropriate, advanced, and affordable wound care to ALL patients who need it.  In partnership with B Braun, Hilom utilizes Prontosan Irrigating Solution and Gel to effectively cleanse, disinfect, and heal infected wounds. Askina Dressil foam dressing promotes the ideal wound environment and stimulates proper wound bed development. The secret weapon of Hilom, which allows us to provide the most advanced wound care is our ultrasound debridement machine, the Sonoca 185.  Hilom is the FIRST wound care clinic in Metro Manila that provides in-clinic, bedside, ultrasonic-assisted wound DEBRIDEMENT.  Regular wound debridement done in 2-3 day intervals is the main reason we are able to quickly bring down and control infection in wounds and jump start the recovery of non-healing wounds, especially diabetic foot ulcers.  It is in this way that we are able achieve wound healing in seemingly hopeless wounds, wounds that have been condemned to limb amputation.  We have saved quite a number of toes, feet, and legs, and for this, our patients are truly thankful.

Consistent with Hilom’s mission to provide appropriate, advanced, and affordable wound care to ALL, we do not charge patients for our services.  All qualified members of PhilHealth can claim their wound care benefits at Hilom.  We educate our patients regarding their PhilHealth benefits and encourage them to become members in good standing in order to claim their benefits.  In this way, we can reach even the poorest patients and help them heal their wounds and avoid amputation.  To date, Hilom has served over a hundred patients, and performed over a thousand ultrasonic-assisted debridements, and ALL of them utilized their PhilHealth benefits for their wound care.


As we continue to deliver this unique service to our patients, our vision is that we provide the blueprint that eventually becomes the gold standard of practice in advanced wound care.  Let our motto be- “Lahat ng sugat, pwedeng mag-Hilom”.


Hilom Wound Care Clinic is located on the 2nd floor of Health Cube Medical Clinics, a DOH-certified, PhilHealth-accredited, state-of-the-art, multi-specialty clinic and ambulatory surgery center. Our address is 241 Shaw Blvd, Bagong Silang, Mandaluyong

Team Hilom


Jellyne D Tutanes, RN

Advanced Wound Care Nurse

Jellyne completed her nursing degree at Centro Escolar University in 2011 and became a registered nurse in 2012.  She has been with Hilom since the start, May of 2019.


Jellyne loves working at Hilom Wound Care Clinic because everyone is focused on providing the best care for our patients.  As a nurse she finds it very rewarding to help treat patients with different type of wounds. Everyday is a learning experience and she enjoys being in a team focused on achieving the best possible quality healthcare.


Charles R Cabuquit, MD

Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

Wound Care Specialist

Dr Cabuquit graduated from UERMMMC College of Medicine in 2002. After a year's internship at the Philippine General Hospital, he became a licensed physician in 2003. Residency training was done at the Philippine Orthopedic Center from 2005-2008 and his Spine Surgery fellowship training was in Meijo Hospital in Nagoya, Japan in 2015.

He is a board-certified Diplomate of the Philippine Board of Orthopaedics (DPBO) and is a Fellow of the Philippine Orthopaedic Association (FPOA).  Additionally, he is a fellow of the Philippine Spine Society (FPSS) and the Philippine Orthopedic Wound Care and Diabetic Limb Society (FPOWCDLS).  He is also a member of the Philippine Surgical Infection Society.


Patrick O Cregencia, RN

Advanced Wound Care Nurse

Patrick completed his nursing degree at Centro Escolar University in 2008 and became a registered nurse in 2009.  He started working with Hilom in October 2019.


Patrick shares that working with his patients in Hilom gives him peace and joy.  He feels that his work is as an instrument of God, helping heal his patients' wounds and restoring their spirits.
He has found fulfillment and more confidence in his professional capabilities while helping heal his patients in Hilom.


Maan A Andres, RN

Advanced Wound Care Nurse

Maan completed her nursing degree at Centro Escolar University in 2009 and became a registered nurse in 2009. She has been in Hilom since March 2021.


To quote Mahatma Gandhi- "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others". It is indeed not an easy job to give care to someone else, but the thought of letting them have hope is what keeps her going on being a wound care nurse.

Maan enjoys being a part of Hilom as she directly interacts with patient and will forever be grateful to be a part of their healing process.


Bianca M Carilo, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Carilo graduated from Medicine at UERMMMCI in 2011 where she also took her post-graduate internship. In 2013, she became a licensed physician and immediately took Orthopedic residency training at the Philippine Orthopedic Center until 2017. In 2018, she had her fellowship in Minimally Invasive Osteosynthesis (MIO) at Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital, Thailand. Since then, she has been affiliated with several hospitals as an Orthopedic Hospitalist.

Dr. Carilo has been affiliated with Hilom since April 2021. She draws her experience in wound care from Orthopedic Trauma, and she believes that adequate wound care is an integral part of limb salvage among patients. Her hands-on and proactive nature are some of her best attributes in providing professional health care.


Krishka V Polintan, RN

Advanced Wound Care Nurse

Krishka completed her nursing degree at the Philipine Women's University in 2010 and became a registered nurse in 2011.  She started working with Hilom in March 2021.


As a Hilom nurse, I have the opportunity to empower our patients and their families with knowledge. It is important that our patients understand their disease process, and that we are committed to our plan of care. Working together for the good of our patients is immeasurable, and it is pleasing to me, seeing them heal.