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Lahat ng Sugat, Pwedeng Mag-Hilom

At Hilom, we provide you with the most advanced wound care in an out-patient setting, utilizing the best possible wound care products. We are also the FIRST and ONLY wound care clinic in Metro Manila with an ultrasound debridement machine, the Sonoca 185, which brings wound care to a whole new level.
For all qualified PhilHealth members, consultation, treatment, and wound care services are FREE.
Allow us tell you how we can help you heal your wound.

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Our Mission and Vision

All too often, fingers, toes, and limbs are unnecessarily lost due to inadequate wound care.  This is caused mainly by the unavailability of wound care services that are appropriate, advanced, and affordable. The traditional approach to wound care of prescribing antibiotics and advising patients to clean their wounds with either saline solution, Daikin’s or Thirds solution, or povidone iodine is outdated and ineffectual.  More often than not, especially in diabetics, this leads to worsening of their wounds, and unfortunately, the worst cases lead to amputation. More advanced cleansing and wound dressing products are available now in the market that are able to efficiently disinfect wounds and promote healing. However, for all of their effectiveness, they are still out of reach of the poorer segment of wound patients due to their high cost.


Hilom Wound Care Clinic was founded by Dr Charles Cabuquit, an Orthopedic Surgeon, with the mission of providing appropriate, advanced, and affordable wound care to ALL patients who need it.  In partnership with B Braun, Hilom utilizes Prontosan Irrigating Solution and Gel to effectively cleanse, disinfect, and heal infected wounds. Askina Dressil foam dressing promotes the ideal wound environment and stimulates proper wound bed development. The secret weapon of Hilom, which allows us to provide the most advanced wound care is our ultrasound debridement machine, the Sonoca 185.  Hilom is the FIRST and ONLY wound care clinic in Metro Manila that provides in-clinic, bedside, ultrasonic-assisted wound DEBRIDEMENT.  Regular wound debridement done in 2-3 day intervals is the main reason we are able to quickly bring down and control infection in wounds and jump start the recovery of non-healing wounds, especially diabetic foot ulcers.  It is in this way that we are able achieve wound healing in seemingly hopeless wounds, wounds that have been condemned to limb amputation.  We have saved quite a number of toes, feet, and legs, and for this, our patients are truly thankful.


Consistent with Hilom’s mission to provide appropriate, advanced, and affordable wound care to ALL, we do not charge patients for our services.  All qualified members of PhilHealth can claim their wound care benefits at Hilom.  We educate our patients regarding their PhilHealth benefits and encourage them to become members in good standing in order to claim their benefits.  In this way, we can reach even the poorest patients and help them heal their wounds and avoid amputation.  To date, Hilom has served almost a hundred patients, and ALL of them utilized their PhilHealth benefits for their wound care.


As we continue to deliver this unique service to our patients, our vision is that we provide the blueprint that eventually becomes the gold standard of practice in advanced wound care.  Let our motto be- “Lahat ng sugat, pwedeng mag-Hilom”.


Hilom Wound Care Clinic is located on the 2nd floor of Health Cube Medical Clinics, a DOH-certified, PhilHealth-accredited, state-of-the-art, multi-specialty clinic and ambulatory surgery center. Our address is 241 Shaw Blvd, Bagong Silang, Mandaluyong


Meet Our Patients

Probably the worst thing a patient can be told is that their limb has to be amputated because of a chronic, infected, non-healing wound.  It can be devastating to hear this, crushing not only one’s will, but one’s spirit as well.  We won't advise anyone outright amputation at Hilom Wound Care Clinic, as we strive to save every patient’s limb or appendage.  All wounds have the potential to heal, as long as the appropriate materials and methods are used.  We have stuck with our patients for as long as 6 months in order to achieve the best outcome for their wounds, whether it may be outright wound healing or wound bed preparation for skin grafting.  Admittedly, not all of our patients have positive outcomes, but the important thing is that we gave them all a fighting chance.

Hear what our patients have to say about us.


Are You A Qualified Member?

Despite all the negativity surrounding our national health insurance program, PhilHealth has been the chief reason we have been able to help so many patients, heal so many wounds, and save so many limbs.  It is through the medical benefits that our patients receive from PhilHealth that we are able to dispense the kind of advanced wound care that directly impacts not only our patients’ well-being, but quality of life as well. To be relieved of the burden of financing advanced wound care is surely the greatest benefit of being a qualified member of PhilHealth. Just to reiterate, ALL qualified members of PhilHealth will receive free advanced wound care treatment at Hilom Wound Care Clinic.

  • Filipino citizens who are residents of the Philippines, aged sixty (60) years or above

  • Qualified dependents of senior citizen members who are also senior citizen themselves

  • Qualified dependents of members belonging to other membership categories, with or without coverage who are senior citizens themselves

  • Individuals aged 60 years and above and have paid at least 120 monthly contributions with PhilHealth

  • Uniformed personnel aged 56 years and above and have paid at least 120 monthly contributions with PhilHealth

  • SSS underground miner-retirees aged 55 years above and have paid at least 120 monthly contributions with PhilHealth

  • SSS and GSIS pensioners prior to March 4, 1995

Members of the informal economy from the lower income segment who do not qualify for full subsidy under the means test rule of the DSWD, whose premium contribution shall be subsidized by the LGUs or shall be through cost-sharing mechanisms between/among LGUs, and/or legislative sponsors, and/or other sponsors and/or the member, including the National Government

  • Orphans, abandoned and abused minors, out-of-school youth, street children, persons with disability (PWD), senior citizens and battered women under the care of the DSWD, whose premium contributions shall be paid for by the DSWD

  • Barangay health workers, nutrition scholars, barangay tanods, and other barangay workers and volunteers, whose premium contributions are paid for by the LGUs concerned

  • Un-enrolled women who are about to give birth, whose premium contributions shall be fully borne by the National Government, LGU, legislative sponsors, or the DSWD if such woman is an indigent

  • Beneficiaries of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4 P's)

  • Filipinos aged 21 years old and above without capacity to pay premiums

  • Government Employee

  • Private Employee

  • All other workers rendering services, whether in government or private offices, such as project-based contractors, and the like

  • Owners of Micro Enterprises

  • Owners of Small, Medium and Large Enterprises

  • Household Help as defined in Republic Act 10361 or “Kasambahay Law”

  • Family Driver

  • Migrant Workers

  • Informal Sector

    • Street hawkers, market vendors, pedicab and tricycle drivers, small construction workers, and home-based industries and services.

  • Self-Earning Individuals 

  • Filipinos With Dual Citizenship

  • Naturalized Filipino Citizens

  • Citizens of other countries working and/or residing in the Philippines

    • Foreign citizens with valid working permits and/or Alien Certificate of Registrations (ACRs), working and/or residing in the Philippines

You can send us a message with your PhilHealth membership number and we will check your eligibility to receive benefits for you.

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Wound care has evolved and advanced well beyond the traditional materials and methods.  More effective cleansing solutions have made the conventional vinegar-bleach-saline concoctions virtually obsolete.  The newer, more potent solutions like Prontosan (Irrigating Solution, Gel, and Gel X) have been proven to be more effective in eradicating infection and inducing healing in chronic, non-healing wounds.  These products are easy to use both in the clinic and at home.  Packaged in factory-sealed, tamper-proof containers, sterility of its contents are ensured.




Prontosan is indicated for use in the following types of wounds:

  • Post-operative wounds

  • Traumatic wounds

  • Infected wounds in diabetics

  • Pressure ulcers

  • Venous stasis ulcers

  • 1st and 2nd degree burns


Prontosan Wound Gel is available in a 30 ml tamper resistant bottle with safety seal.  It has the same formulation as Prontosan solution but it is in gel form.  It is applied to wounds as a primary dressing and acts to actively prevent infection and the reformation of biofilm.  Ideally used on small wounds, cavities and other difficult to reach areas, it maintains a moist environment for the wound.



This is your Product description. Write a short overview including important features, pricing and any other relevant info for a potential buyer. Consider adding an image or video that shows off your great-looking product and entices users to make a purchase.


This is your Product description. Write a short overview including important features, pricing and any other relevant info for a potential buyer. Consider adding an image or video that shows off your great-looking product and entices users to make a purchase.


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