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Welcome to Hilom

At Hilom, we provide you with the most advanced wound care in an out-patient setting, utilizing the best possible wound care products and appliances. We are also the FIRST stand-alone wound care clinic in Metro Manila with an ultrasound debridement machine, the Sonoca 185, which brings wound care to a whole new level.

For all qualified PhilHealth members, consultation, treatment, and wound care services are FREE.

Allow us tell you how we can help you heal your wound.


About Hilom

Hilom Wound Care Clinic was founded by Dr Charles Cabuquit, an Orthopedic Surgeon, with the mission of providing appropriate, advanced, and affordable wound care to ALL patients who need it.  Hilom utilizes advanced wound care appliances to effectively cleanse, disinfect, and heal infected wounds. Appropriate primary and secondary wound dressings promote the ideal wound environment to stimulate proper wound bed development. The secret weapon of Hilom, which allows us to provide the most advanced wound care is our ultrasound debridement machine, the Sonoca 185.

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Meet Our Patients

Probably the worst thing a patient can be told is that their limb has to be amputated because of a chronic, infected, non-healing wound.  It can be devastating to hear this, crushing not only one’s will, but one’s spirit as well.  We won't advise anyone outright amputation at Hilom Wound Care Clinic, as we strive to save every patient’s limb or appendage.  All wounds have the potential to heal, as long as the appropriate materials and methods are used.  We have stuck with our patients for as long as 6 months in order to achieve the best outcome for their wounds, whether it may be outright wound healing or wound bed preparation for skin grafting.  Admittedly, not all of our patients have positive outcomes, but the important thing is that we gave them all a fighting chance.

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